TROPiXalia Legacy – Retrospective ‘SCRIPTCHA’ Process

From the first performance I have seen of SistaNative & Latai at the Woodford Folk Festival in 1999/2000 I’ve been intrigued, delighted & proud. Call me bias but island girls are funny, strong and great story tellers. While it has been sometime since I have seen the pacific princesses, their stories & friendship on social media have kept me connected. Their exhibitionism is eloquent, thought provoking with occasional sarcasm & hilarity with a slap in the face of reality. Latai & SistaNative perform with spirit and connection. One can’t help but imagine what beautiful ancestors are blessing their journey.


TROPiXalia Legacy

A Retrospective – The ‘SCRIPTCHA’ Process

I applying my ‘SCRIPTCHA’ Process again to TROPiXalia Legacy – it has been a very different result with myself & adult creatives. Interesting!

Over my career I have ventured through what I call URBAN WORLD ROOTS – it is near impossible to instal the variety of Genres live in one space.. World music, Folk music, Hip Hop & Rap, Spoken Word & Poetry, Neo-soul style ballads, Chants, Drum’n’Bass, Trip Hop, 2-Step.. various Electronica, Dub/Reggae styles.. near impossible.. it requires weeks & weeks of development..

I’ve never tried to be all of my various musical identities on one stage before – or in one set.. strange but true..

One of the elements of TROPiXalia Legacy has been about revising, updating & re-presenting musical material that I have written over a 20 Year career.

What a challenge it has been 🙂 Always in a good way…

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The success of the upcoming Australian Longboard Surfing Open at  Kingscliff would not be possible
without the numerous volunteers who generously offer their time to support this great event. Island Style Promotions is constantly looking for motivated volunteers to be part of the event for the surfers.
In order to make our event a reality, we need the help of local volunteers and community organisations. These remarkable volunteers provide assistance in exchange for the following mentioned benefits.
All Volunteers get:
  • A competition T-Shirt
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  • Event & festival atmosphere
  • Experience with events
  • The amazing experience of supporting others
  • If you want to compete at the event and you want to volunteer at the same event for us we’ll apply a 50% discount to your registration fees.
  • Invite to the post event party at the Baja Cantina on the Sunday night

If you want to volunteer at this great event ph: 0414569208

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Swell is looking for volunteers

484042_422868404432085_1290850872_nAvailable for any number of hours from the 12 Sept to the 24 Sept 2012? Installation, de-installation (is that a word?) Info tent, program sales, workshops, security, and many more positions available.

If your not sure you want to volunteer because it’s all too overwhelming, make sure you attend and support the hard working artists who put an uncountable amount of hours into their work for our enjoyment. Public response for an artist is highly rewarding. Maybe check out what some volunteers are doing and have a word to a few. It may just be their first volunteer experience as well and they can give you some feedback

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Mum Said……

Nicki MInaj with text over lay. Whatever it is that your want to pursue, pursue it wholeheartedly, Don't go into it on some half-ass shit.

Nicki Minaj 

STREAMLINE & THEN UPGRADE What a source of one-liners mum is. I think she should have her own t-shirt range. I can just imagine it. Her in the kitchen with the one-liner of the day on her back, pointing to the caption that says ‘I don’t want to vacuum, unless it’s a ride-on’. Mine would say ‘today is a write off’, and it would have to be in lower case, font undecided, but it would have to be small. Well, thanks to those invaluable words ‘streamline & then upgrade’ as she rode her broom across the floor, I now sleep on a latex matress. Seriously worth every cent. Every single night since we’ve owned it, I have slept like a baby…well apart form those nights when the 11 year old gets in, because now everyone wants to streamline. ‘Streamline and then upgrade’, the words just roll off your tongue don’t they. Technology is so amazing for allowing us to do just that. Everyone says ‘minimise’, ‘get rid of it, you don’t need it’. Just get the latest blah blah it’s so amazing and it’s all you need. Everything is on the net. Technology advances so quickly, and you have to keep updated with that. So we upgrade to gizmos and throw out the uncomfortable mattresses, collect out-of-date last years techno gadgets, and their boxes packed inside other boxes stored up in the garage. After all you may just need them one day. But a wise little mothers says to me you can never have enough matresses.